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Hey There!

Courtney Lynne Artmont, Creator & Founder

I’m Courtney! I’m a mama of two, early childhood educator & certified Happiness Life Coach! I’m passionate about helping mamas trust their gut creating safe & supportive spaces for growth to create new parenting patterns, parent with intention, and have more fun! I am obsessed with Toy Story, mac & cheese, and Hersheypark & I can’t wait to get to know you!

A fun & safe space for mamas just like you!

Happy Vibes Mama is a safe space for moms to come together to be heard, sometimes for the first time in their lives. Motherhood can be lonely and learning the ways you want to parent can be hard, but you don’t have to do it all alone.  I was a mama in your shoes and lucky for you, it brought me here: creating a space that I would have loved in my journey, a place to find support, be heard, and be celebrated along the way! Together, we can learn better, to know better and do better for our families.  I’ve got your back mama, always.  I’m so happy you’re here!

Let’s Work Together

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COMING SOON: The Happy Vibes Mama Village is an exclusive online community to find support, connection, and growth in your parenting and motherhood. As a member, you will have full access to our hub of resources, a private community group, and direct access to coaching with the Happy Vibes Mama team! To stay in the know and be the first to hear when The Village opens its doors, join the waitlist today!

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Join your host, Courtney, each week to talk about all things motherhood, growth, and happy vibes. From an early childhood educator turned entrepreneur with a passion for helping other moms on their personal growth and motherhood journey, the Happy Vibes Mama Podcast is for all the moms out there who know they are freaking awesome and they want someone else to celebrate their wins with them too. Together we can learn better to know better and do better for our families!


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